Email Marketing

Whew! How is it August? It's time for back to school specials and before you know it Target will be clearing the aisles to make room for twinkle lights and wrapping paper (you know you love it). With the impending holidays, their is no time like the present to focus on your marketing plan. Here's the thing though, 99% of consumers in the US check their email every day (every. single. day.) and 73% of millenials prefer communication from businesses to come from, you guessed it, email (source). Basically, if you are not incorporating email marketing into your marketing program, you are missing out.

1. Simplify. When you are designing an email, keep it simple. Get rid of unnecessary links, design elements and fluff. Resy does a wonderful job of honing in on one offer.

2. Make copy bite sized. I am clearly breaking the rules here because my monthly emails are not bite sized, but most email campaigns should keep things brief. Work on drilling down your copy to just FIVE sentences.

3. Use the Inverted Pyramid. Creating a clear visual hierarchy draws the readers eye down the email and leads them to the CTA (call to action) button. The Inverted Pyramid Method is a template designed to help you create great emails by eliminating distractions. This Resy email uses fun graphics to grab your attention, brief copy to build anticipation and a bold call to action button at the finish line.

4. Call to action. Be sure your CTA button is easy to find (colorful) and sized for an adult finger not a toddler's finger. An MIT study found that the average size of an adult finger is between 1.6 cm and 2 cm, which translates to between 45 x 45 px to 57 x 57 px on a mobile device. Thanks MIT!

Marion Blount