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Let's Talk About Linkedin

Despite being one of the most trusted and popular social networking sites, many people still have no idea how to successfully use LinkedIn. If you don’t know what it is or have never used it before, LinkedIn is a site that essentially works as an online version of traditional networking, where you can search new career opportunities and connect with other professionals in your industry. The first step to establishing a presence on LinkedIn is to build a profile, which is like an interactive version of your resume. You can include all of the traditional components like your education, experience, and skills. This information is essential, but in order to stand out to employers and businesses, you need to really optimize your profile and include more than just the basics. Here I have compiled a list of helpful tips to make your profile more personal and searchable on the site.

  1. When writing your Headline, Summary, and Experience, make sure to use valuable keywords that someone in your target audience would be searching for. Use high-volume search phrases like “web designer” or “content writer” so that your profile is more likely to appear for potential connections.

  2. Ask for at least three recommendations from past employers that are relevant to your target audience. This will help build confidence in you and your profile to potential business connections.

  3. Put a more personal face to your page by adding a video introduction. This allows potential connections to get to know you better and makes your profile stand out, especially if your competitors do not have videos.

  4. Always write in the first person on your page. This allows employers and business connections to get to know you better, and makes room for your values and passions to come through on your profile.

  5. Posting regular content on your page helps optimize your profile, so update your LinkedIn status daily with something that interests your target audience. This can be anything from posting a fun event happening in your industry, sharing an article you found helpful, or discussing your opinion on a hot-topic in your field. Whenever you post, though, make it look appealing with a cool picture or graphic.