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Let's Talk About Pinterest

Many people think of Pinterest just as a platform to find healthy recipes or wedding inspiration, but with over 200 million monthly users it can be a very useful marketing tool for your business. Pinterest is one of the largest web traffic drivers in the world, as it has extremely high user engagement. Pinterest is a great tool to increase brand visibility because you can share relevant content with your target audience and drive them to your site at the same time. To manage a successful Pinterest account, it is important to organize your content in a way that is clear and user-friendly. On Pinterest, you can create different boards that organize your posts, called pins, into categories. Here are some of my tips on getting started with Pinterest.

  1. Once you create an account, brainstorm a list of possible boards you want to create. I suggest beginning with at least six boards that would be relevant to your target audience. For example, if you’re an interior designer, you could have boards entitled Fabrics, Exteriors, Projects, Interiors, Lighting, and Wallpaper.

  2. After you’ve created your boards, choose at least three websites or blogs that you can use to find additional content for that board. You will want to have a good mix of both your own content and that of other users so that you can attract more people to your page.

  3. You will want to add content to each of your boards frequently, as users can either follow you or just follow one of your boards. The more you post, the more likely a Pinterest user is to see your brand and click on your content.